Little Georgia

Little Georgia is a series of photographs about the Georgian women community in Athens.

During the ’90s, after the collapse of the so called Eastern bloc, Greece became a destination country for immigrants looking for a job and a better tomorrow.

In 2014, I met Nino, a friend’s friend. Nino is from Georgia, an ex Soviet country, and lives in Athens with her two kids. We became friends and our children played together. Eventually, I met more and more Georgian women and became more involved and interested in their lives, their problems, their celebrations, their “way of doing it”, of managing things. I soon realized that it is the women that hold together and support the Georgian community, since many Georgian men face many problems or they are absent.

Georgian women have to face a very difficult reality of social discrimination, prejudices, economical exploitation, illegalization. Many of them have no documents and they work in low paid and hard jobs -usually as domestic workers. They are babysitting or taking care of old people, often living in their employer’s house. At the same time, they try to keep on taking care of themselves and the ones they love.

I photographed a lot Nino and her family; I still do. Also, other Georgian women: I followed them in their restaurants, districts, meeting points in the neighborhood, the church, etc. It is a woman’s world, and indeed a very vivid one.

(2014-on going)